Graeme Regan Consulting provides practical, cost-effective solutions for your strategic planning, performance improvement and communication needs and challenges.

Inadequate planning, reporting and communications are drivers of poor performance, low staff morale and feed negative perceptions of your organisation's performance in the community and amongst stakeholders. Graeme's services will help you improve performance with proven sustainable, practical and affordable solutions.

Consulting and contract services to government, the community sector and small business include:

  • complete strategic and business planning services, including plan design, development and production
  • facilitation of business planning conferences and workshops
  • organisational improvement and performance analysis
  • integrated planning and reporting design with effective links to staff performance systems
  • sustainable planning models 
  • community consultation planning and design
  • planning for organisation change/change management
  • community survey design advice
  • performance reporting and communications
  • assessment of planning and reporting information systems and applications
  • submissions, grant applications and business case development

Graeme Regan Consulting offers proven and cost-effective planning solutions. Download the Graeme Regan Consulting brochure